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In Memorium Rae Wood January 27, 2018

Posted over 2 years ago by Mary Ellen Meier

Rae Wood 2013

Dear friends—I received word from Sharon Dutra that fellow nursing professor and dear friend, Rae Wood, passed away on January 27. She was 88.  Rae moved to Georgia about a year and a half ago to be with her family. She passedsurrounded by her loved ones.

Rae began her teaching career in the Vocational Nursing program, later becoming the director.  Following that successful assignment, she transferred to the Associate Degree Nursing Program.  She spent the remaining part of career teaching in the first semester and was a content expert in geriatric nursing.  Rae guided countless numbers of students through the maze of learning nursing with commitment, dedication, sprinkled with some good humor.   She was affectionately known as the “Georgia Peach”. Rae was a long-term supporter of the Emeriti Affiliates and scholarship donor.


And in memory of Rae, Sharon sponsored a scholarship in her honor called the Rae Wood Memorial Scholarship, which will be awarded to a deserving graduating registered nursing student this spring.


Thank you. –Rebecca


Rebecca Bain

SCC Advancement



Diane Gums about 2 years ago

I remember Rae Wood introduced the first semester RN students to Therapeutic Touch...I observed her many times in my rotation in the hospital Ms. Wood utilizing this relaxation/pain relief modality...
I only hope this continues to be offered to the nursing students, it is amazing and should not be forgotten....
Diane Gums Class of 1986

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